About Us

INTRELSYS LLP  is modern, actively developing, engineering and manufacturing company. We offer products and solutions in the following areas:

  • Energy supply and energy efficiency,
  • Automation of technological processes,
  • Remote control systems,
  • System scheduling and production accounting.

We started off in 2007 .. Our main priorities are  high-quality works and equipment in accordance with international standards, compliance with terms and anticipation of customer wishes. INTRELSYS LLP  founded by a team of professionals . Our company has highly qualified team and  all the necessary equipment for the production of works at the highest level, in according with all  requirements  of our clients.


The INTRELSYS company has been registering the trademark


This  trademark is owned by INTRELSYS Company and marks the electrical products of Company.




State License GSL № 02996 from 01.07.2008 to engage in the project activities:

Design of Engineering systems and networks, including:

  • Systems of internal and external lighting, power up to 0.4 kV and 10 kV,
  • Supply up to 35 kV to 110 kV and above,
  • Oil pipelines, products pipelines, gas pipelines (gas medium and high pressure)


Urban design (with the right design for the rehabilitation of urban areas of historic buildings, except for research and restoration work on the monuments of history and culture) and planning, including development of:

  • District heating schemes settlements with the placement of production facilities and transportation of thermal energy in the building, as well as heat production complexes in the inter-settlement territories disposable


Licensor: Committee for Land Resources Management


State License №  ГЛ № 001962 от 29.02.2008  to engage in  the manufacture and repair power equipment

Licensor: Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource


State License № 14006120 from 30.04.2014  to engage in the Building and construction works :

The unit bases, Special work in soils, including:

  • Foundation;


Erection of bearing and (or) building envelopes and structures (including bridges, overpasses transport, tunnels and overpasses, and other artificial structures), including major repairs and reconstruction of facilities, including:

  • Monolithic device, as well as installation of precast concrete and concrete structures, masonry piece elements and partition walls and filling the gaps,
  • Roofing,
  • Installation of metal structures;

Special construction and installation work on laying the line structures, including major repairs and reconstruction, including

  • -Steel tanks (containers), including working under pressure or intended to store explosive or otherwise hazardous (harmful) of liquid or gaseous substances;


The device engineering networks and systems, including major repairs and reconstruction, including:

  • Networks of hot and cold water, heating, centralized sewage domestic, industrial and storm water systems, the device internal plumbing, heating and sanitation,
  • Electrical networks and devices external lighting, interior lighting systems and electrical heating;


Installation of process equipment, commissioning, relating to:

  • Communications, emergency protection, control and alarm system, locking in transport, electricity and water supply facilities and other vital facilities, and metering devices and control of industrial purpose.


Licensor: Committee for Land Resources Management